A perfectly scalable and flexible automatic single and low ply precision cutting solution. This is the GUNNAR NOVEX platform. The state-of-the-art high end digital cutting centre with a very compact and modular design, offering highest process and growth flexibility based on an upgradable cutting machine and cutting tool concept.


For cutting fabrics, technical textiles, foils, leather, plastics, prepreg, glass fiber, carbon fiber, Honeycomb and special materials.
The very partial diversity offers fast and flexible options.

As a fast and compact single-ply cutter this system persuades with fast positioning and cutting speed besides of extremely short
plunge time. The tool-change system reduces the set-up time considerably because less adjustment operations are necessary.

Cutty TC 3001

The machine can achieve moving speeds of up to 100 meters per minute, the cutting speed depending on the material, is up to 70 meters per minute.

By means of the software, the recorded images will be edited and filtered so that the screening will be produced directly for cutting. The cutting files will be passed on directly from the Scan-Software (Shape Trapper) to the HMI without any additional commands by the operator. No CAD files are needed.